Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hey there BH,
> What is going on over there? I am so fricken bummed out. I feel like you
> are slipping away and it makes me sad. Are you able to read email and
> respond? You seem like some kind of hero or something. I mean, you have
> kept a personality about it all straight through to the last entry. Your
> reflections are powerful. These late comers to your blog should just shut
> the fuck up and let you be BH. But you offer them no less courtesy than the
> folks who have been reading your blog for a few years. Well, I am just
> bummed knowing you are not feeling so hot but on the other hand, the vent
> action doesn't sound like a show stopper. So, what happens next. What
> happens when you pass away. What happens to the blog. What happens to your
> legion of friends on the internet? Its almost like when Forest Gump quits
> running. Everyone just stands around and looks at one another.
> So, it is my hope that there is a way to keep your legacy going when you are
> gone. Not out of pity, but out of respect for who you are. Dignity is a
> word that coes to mind.
> I am sure you don't remember me but I was the tickneen guy. I was the just
> another day for an addict dude. You actually responded to some of my
> emails. I thought that was cool.
> So, I don't know what to say except thanks for sharing your story with the
> thousands of people. I would love to see you glorified in the news media
> and have tons of cash sent to your wife and kids so they can continue their
> business. But, for some reason, that feels like exploitation.
> If you have any regrets what are they? If you have any advice for us fucks
> who still have our health? Whatever you have to say, let it be heard.
> I hardly know you, but in a way, you are my best friend.

csy 1950 2148
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