Thursday, October 11, 2007


when i woke at 2 a.m., i pointed to 'arm,' but you read 'shoulder' above it. the adjustment i wanted would have taken 6 seconds, but we spent half an hour wasting energy as you told me about the strain on your back, my tendency to spell while you are adjusting me, and get so upset. i have a unique new idea ... please say each item as i point to it, per the instruction printed on the word page. in this way, i can quickly forfend you trying to roll me when i only want my arm moved, and the annoyance that you feel.

the bell is not an insult. it is how i let you know i need help. i ring once to start, wait 10 seconds, then add an extra ring. often you say 'okay,' 'i see you,' or 'don't ding-ding-ding' -- and then resume snoring. amazingly, recently, using this method, i reached 20 rings. good thing i was not drowning in saliva. but now we know that the bell won't wake up 'the whole house.'

yes the clock is off by a couple minutes. it is ahead. please explain how this makes you late leaving. perhaps you should get me up at 630 , so i can get set up, and you will feel less rushed. this morning you left without telling my wife. she has two rascals to deal with and did not know she was on duty.
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