Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chapter one

One day I met this weird person, Bago. He was half solid – let me tell you that you are thinking of the wrong solid – and half liquid – you are also thinking of the wrong liquid – in other words he was half ice and half diet coke®. In yet other words he was half a frozen person. “U w’nt ou ‘eet ie arents?”, he asked. “no”, I said “do you want to meet my parents?” “O.K.”, he said

Ding dong! It was the next day. It was Bago at the door. (last night was too late, Bago had to go home) "come in" my parents called. "Oh!" Bago gasped. I looked around. My parents were sitting there drinking coffee, my computer’s printer was printing out the long book I had written, but the tablecloth had a hole in it.

Chapter two

“YOU. MADE. HIM. TURN. INTO. A. BAG.” my parents yelled. “His name is Bago, and let’s call his parents” “One problem”, my father said, “We don’t know their phone number” “Hey!” I said “look at the bag!” “It says ‘gaboo daboo, best store in the world’,” my dad said, “what does that have to do with his phone number?” “Quiet,” I said “ the next line says . . .”
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