Sunday, January 13, 2008

tried thhis:

pls come every time i ring, even if u think i am asleep.

]and please no jokes about words i point. just try to help.

it is iimpossible foe to reach all of the card. u may havve to move it to where my fingers are.

at 2:38 he seemed furious with himself for agggreeing to this. at 5:30 i had to pee. he had put the card where it could barely ring the bell. i flailed and it made weak dings. i tried my shriek, but he did not wake. the diaper leaked as per usual.

when he snorted on waking, i shrieked and he got me up. splayed uncomfortably in the wc as he put dry clothes on me, i was gifted with his words:

"you choose this, not me. you want to make it hard, what can i do?"
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